We're Engaged!

Jeff and I have been planning a trip to Big Bear (aka a snow day), so we picked the weekend of Martin Luther King Jr. since his niece and nephew were also going to be out of school.

Originally we were going to go with his family only, but for some reason when I mentioned it to my parents they were immediately on board and insisted to go (okay...weird much? they aren't outdoorsy people whatsoever). We all met up there later than expected, and things were not going to plan since both of our parents got stuck in horrible traffic going up the mountain.

Eventually we all met up at a ski resort, only to find that it was crowded af and there was nowhere for his niece and nephew to play since everyone was snowboarding or skiing. Jeff and I were going to snowboard, but because everyone arrived so late it wasn't going to be worth it to pay the day rate.

We decided to look for some other places that had a lot of snow to hang out, and came across a campground that was completely snowed out and empty. I honestly thought nothing about it, but my parents and his parents started saying "okay let's take pictures so we can go home and beat traffic!" so we started taking photos.

Little did I know my life was going to change. We took some family photos, and it was time for Jeff and I to take our photos. His parents actually found this log that was perfectly staged with small trees behind it, so we took photos sitting down, then standing up.

I started walking away afterward since we were done. I turned around to see why Jeff was still inn that area, but to my surprise he started reaching into his pocket and literally everything went into slow motion. I felt like my eyes zoomed in to where his hand was and I saw him pull out a box and started thinking "omgomgomgomgomgomgomg".

He went on one knee and proposed and of course I said YES!

Our parents filmed the entire thing, and they were all in on it from the beginning! I was in so much shock that I didn't have a crazy reaction other than "WAIT WHAT?? WHAAAT???" and kept looking at my hand. I was super happy of course, but .I still couldn't believe it happened!

I HIIIIGHLY recommend that you watch our official proposal video because we both shared our perspectives, and how Jeff planned the whole thing. It's definitely a heart warmer.

Also, can we take a moment to admire how beautiful this ring is?! I am SO DISTRACTED by it all the time, but I ain't mad about it.

Soooo looks like we're officially engaged now after being together for 7 years! I couldn't be more excited, but before you all ask, we are going to enjoy this stage of our relationship and not plan a wedding for at least a year. That's all I'm sayin ;) You will definitely know once we start the wedding planning process because I will be documenting that when the time comes.

Thank you for stopping by as always! xx

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