New Year, New Hair

What better time of year to change up your hair than the new year?! Yes it's a bit cliche, but this change was much needed. I have bleached my hair twice in 2017, and 7 the year prior (yikes! I know), and believe it's time to let the natural hair grow out.

My hair seems healthy, shiny and soft, but that is due to the products I've been using. Without them, my hair would definitely be dry and have 10x more split ends. Below are some of my favorite products for damaged/ bleached hair.​​​​​

AG Colour Savour Shampoo | KMS Moist Repair Conditioner |​ it's a 10 Leave In Conditioner | Wet Brush

I have gone short once right after I graduated high school, and donated 14 inches of hair to Locks of Love, but felt that it did not suit me and couldn't wait for it to grow back. It's been 6 years since, so I decided to give it another chance.

When I went home for the holidays, my mom (who is a hairstylist), offered to do the job for me. We ended up cutting about 5 inches off, and added some long layers for dimension. I am SO obsessed with it and actually wish I went a little shorter! Maybe sometime in the near future, hehe. It's crazy what a haircut could do. I feel so refreshed and ready to tackle 2018!

Have you changed your hair for the new year? Let me know in the comments!

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