OC Marathon Wahoo's OC 5K Experience

Hello! I know I know, it's been quite some time since I last posted a blog, and trust me when I say A LOT has happened (that'll be in another post or video coming soon). BUT today I've teamed up with OC Marathon to share my experience running the Wahoo's OC 5K! This is my third 5K race this year, and I shared my very first experience here if you're interested.

Every year the OC Marathon hosts multiple races over the weekend for all levels of runners and athletes. There is a Kid Run, 5K (that is hosted by Wahoo's Tacos with OC Marathon), combo crush (5K + half/ full marathon), half marathon, and marathon race. Although I'd love to train for a half marathon, realistically the 5K was the best fit for me.

There was roughly 3,000 people alone who participated in the 5K race, which is crazy! I ran the race with my boyfriend Jeff and his mom, and although the 80 degree heat depleted our energy quicker, we still finished strong! My finishing time was 33:11 and Jeff's was 33:10 (yep, this time he's the one that beat me by one second), but considering the circumstances (like having 4 teeth extracted a week before the race) and the fact that we did not train as much as we should've, I was pretty darn happy with that time.

There was an expo held on May 4th- 5th where runners could pick up their bib and shirt before race day, and also shop around at the various vendors. This is usually the best time to purchase items like muscle tape, energy supplements, and try a whole bunch of samples from other vendors as well. This year they had vendors like Kia, Hoka One One, Kind, Sage Wellness, Fitletics, Lululemon (on Saturday only), and so much more!

The race also had an 80's costume theme, and the winners of the contest won a full year of free Wahoo's tacos!


On the day of the race we arrived early to get into race mode and hydrate because it was so hot, and this was actually the first race I've ran that was held in the afternoon. The race began at 5pm, and the course went through OCCC's campus and looped back around through the OC Fairgrounds. I'm not going to lie, I was so sweaty and tired after 2 miles, but once I saw that 2.5 mile marker, I knew I had to give it my all. Because of daylight savings, the sun doesn't set until 7pm, so the entire time we were running, the sun was beaming down with no clouds. On the plus side, there was a slight breeze here and there. Regardless, Jeff and I finished together, and his mom finished 3 minutes after us. There were also people from Sage Wellness waiting to spray AMAZING refresh mists onto our faces and rolling various oils on our calves/ knees/ neck/ shoulders at the end as well (10/10 highly recommend trying it out)! I couldn't get over it and might purchase some items from them real soon.

We were handed our finisher medals, some water and snacks, and headed to the Wahoo's truck for our free fish taco and another booth to redeem our free beer (which was Kona, aka my favorite)! They also had an 80's concert afterwards which a lot of people enjoyed, including ourselves, and after about an hour we left the event.

One thing I would do differently is attend the expo and pick up my bib the same day of the race. This is because there is $8 parking per day, so I ended up spending $16 dollars on parking for visiting Friday and Saturday. If the race is always at 5pm, it might be worth it to get there early in the future and get everything done in one day and paying parking once. If you prefer to pick up everything the day prior and don't mind paying parking twice, that's cool too. Overall I had so much fun at this race despite the heat, and would definitely participate next year! Hopefully by then I'll be prepared for the half marathon, but collecting medals is becoming quite an addiction.

As always, thank you for stopping by, and I'll talk to you real soon!

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