First Week With Braces: What To Expect

DISCLAIMER: Thank you to Updike Orthodontics and Honest Oral Surgeon for sponsoring my braces journey! All opinions are my own.

Woah it's already been a week since I've gotten my braces on?? Time is flying by! I asked you all on Instagram whether or not you'd be interested in an update post of how my past week went with braces, and a majority of you said YES! So here we are today, with some insight and experience so far in this journey.


The first thing I want to talk about is EATING. If you know me, you know that I love food. The first three days were rough because I was adjusting to all the metal, relearning how to chew, and dealing with the soreness. To be quite honest, my mouth still feels tender right now (mainly the front teeth and bottom teeth that are crooked), but I am currently able to eat more food than the first few days. I ate mostly mashed potatoes, yogurt, and guacamole the first two days just because of how sensitive my mouth was to everything, and it was just easier to avoid chewing altogether. After three days or so, I was able to eat soft foods like tofu (not fried), baked salmon (it felt weird to chew, but still doable), udon noodles, and even had sushi (not rolls, just sashimi/ raw fish and rice). I can't fully enjoy hard or tough foods yet (like steak or chips), but I know eventually I will be able to. So, if you're getting braces soon, stock up on soft foods because the first few days are going to suck.

Also, if you are mindful of what you eat like I am to get certain nutrients, there aren't many options to healthy super soft foods. I tried to eat as much from each food group as possible with the exception of fruit (unless you want to opt for apple sauce). I would rely on tofu as my protein source, mashed potatoes as my carb source, yogurt as my dairy source, and guacamole for healthy fats. There may be other alternatives, but these worked best for me.

Mouth Sores

Besides not being able to eat much, I believe this is my least favorite aspect about braces: mouth sores. I am prone to getting canker sores because it runs in my family (this is not the same as a cold sore), so when the brackets start to press into my cheek, this irritation causes a canker sore to form. The worst is when multiple begin to form in my mouth and there's not much I can do about it. I would get canker sores without braces every now and then, but having braces seems to increase the amount I get.

Since there is no treatment for canker sores (you just have to let them heal on their own), prevention is key. Wax has become my best friend, along with Orajel. There are some brackets that have a small hook and those tend to poke my cheeks, so I'll put wax and cover those spots to create a smoother surface. If I feel a canker sore forming, I'll put some Orajel on it because it has a numbing sensation. I find that warm salt water rinses are a little helpful too, but again, don't completely "cure" the canker sore. I ALWAYS put wax on those brackets before bed, because if I didn't, I'd probably wake up with a lot of cuts and sores in my mouth.

It's important to remember that not everyone's experience will be like mine, but most people with braces will get sores or cuts in their mouth. It just depends on the frequency and severity. Although its only been one week, just remember that you won't start fully getting used to having braces until 2-4 weeks into the treatment. There's a lot going on, but just knowing what to expect and how to prepare for it is what makes it easier.

I hope you found this post helpful. I have noticed that my front teeth are getting straighter already and that makes me really excited! Let me know in the comments if you've experienced similar or different things throughout your braces journey. Thanks for stopping by!

FTC Disclaimer: This post and braces journey is in sponsored by Updike Orthodontics and Honest Oral Surgeon. All opinions are my own.

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