New YSL Bag Reveal

Hello lovelies! Today I have an exciting post sharing a new addition to my handbag collection! Have a look below to see!

Isn't she beautiful?! (Click on the photo below to be directed to this item on their website)

Soooo? What do you think?? I'm OBSESSED with it! This is the Small LouLou backpack from Saint Laurent. I've had it for about one week now as you're reading this blog post, so here is the story behind why I chose this item, and how I'm enjoying it so far.


I have to say, growing up and seeing my mom collect luxury handbags has kind of rubbed off on me. I just love how a luxury handbag can instantly give your outfit a boost, even it's the most simple type of outfit. I've been on the hunt for the perfect luxury backpack for myself for a couple months now. I was currently using my Rebecca Minkoff Julian Mini backpack for a while, but really wanted to invest in a luxury backpack. I tried to love the Louis Vuitton Palm Springs collection, but just couldn't (I even purchased it and then later returned it because it wasn't a good fit. Watch this video for more info on that). I've looked at Gucci, other Louis Vuitton options, and other brands and just couldn't find one that fit my petite body and was overall a solid bag for my preference.

I first laid my eyes on this bag a few weeks ago in a Nordstrom store, but it was the Nude color, which I think is cute, but wouldn't be a great everyday bag since it would be higher maintenance to keep it clean. I tried it on just to see how it fit, and FELL. IN. LOVE. Unfortunately, it was completely sold out in the Nordstrom system, and the sales associate recommended that I checked out the boutique stores for the black color.

Last week, I was at South Coast Plaza, and remembered they had a YSL store there and thought I'd just pop in (not expecting them to have it). First thing I see on display is this backpack in BLACK, and I freaked out. I wasn't mentally prepared to see it in stock, in person, and ready to be purchased. I was in the store for a good hour asking the associate about every little detail about the bag, and when I couldn't find anything wrong with it, I decided to just go for it and purchased it! Lunar New Year was coming up, so I also used that to justify my purchase as well (btw, chúc mừng năm mới to all my Vietnamese babes out there/ happy lunar new year if you celebrate)!


After using this bag for a week now, here are my first impressions.

1. It's a little stiff and structured when you first purchase it. They package it really nicely with paper stuffing, all the straps are wrapped up, and the leather is still in mint condition. The first night I unboxed it, I immediately clasped the two-click button and let it sit over night so the leather could adapt. This helped a lot! I could tell within a week of using it, the leather is slowly the surely becoming a little softer and more buttery, and the opening of the backpack isn't as stiff either (the area where the drawstring is). Because it is calfskin, I was worried that it would scratch easily and not be as durable, but it is actually is holding up very well! My SA did reassure me about this specific leather used for this backpack too.

2. The drawstring detail is cute, but it's simply there for looks. It doesn't actually make the opening close, which might be annoying to some, but it doesn't bother me very much since the top flap is very secure and you'd definitely notice if someone was trying to pick pocket you. I'm also planning on bringing this backpack with me to Japan next month, so I know my things will be safe, and I can immediately feel if someone is messing with it.

3. I'm OBSESSED with the adjustable straps!! Some straps are usually too long on me, or I'd have to adjust them to the shortest setting and have way too much sticking out on the bottom. These straps are perfect and hardly stick out at all! I'm not sure if YSL makes their items more tailored to petite women or not, but my sales associate did mention that some of their items do fit petite figures a little better (just something to keep in mind). I also love that the backpack sits in the perfect spot of my back, and not sag down to my bottom like a lot of mini backpacks do.

4. It's very spacious on the inside, and even when it's filled with my necessities, it doesn't make the backpack feel too heavy.

Those are all the major things I wanted to mention about the bag so far, and will update this post if anything else changes! But in the meantime, I am OBSESSED, and if you're following me on Instagram, you'll be seeing A LOT of it.

Thanks for stopping by! Let me know in the comments what you think of this purchase and if you have any additional questions!

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