I Tried A Juice Cleanse..This Is What Happened

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Hi everyone! I recently tried a one day juice cleanse from Pressed Juicery, and wanted to share my experience.

Why Am I Doing A Cleanse?

  1. I was curious about the process. I've heard stories and experiences on both ends of the spectrum; some hating it, some loving it. So I decided to just do it and find out for myself.​

  2. There was a deal in-stores for $25 a cleanse (or 6 bottles of your choice). Usually a one day cleanse from Pressed Juicery is around $50+ dollars. I definitely took advantage of that!

My Experience

Honestly, I did an okay job researching about juice cleanses and how to prepare for them. I knew the purpose was to detox your body from toxins from the foods you eat, and kind of "reset" your body. I also read that a few days prior to the cleanse, to make it easier, you're supposed to transition to a liquid diet/ consuming less solids (which I didn't do a great job of).

I woke up around 8:00am the day I chose to do the cleanse, and started drinking water before I consumed the first juice, which was Vanilla Almond. Each juice bottle contains two servings, so this juice had 280 calories total.

I drank a juice every two hours, and quickly noticed the effects of being on an all liquid diet. I experienced caffeine and hunger headaches, lack of focus, was more irritable, etc. If you haven't watched my corresponding YouTube video, I go into more detail about how I felt as the hours went by.

Why I Quit The Cleanse

1. I felt so weak and hangry, despite drinking plenty of water and eating that little bag of nuts. I also felt like it was bringing out the worse version of myself.

2. Jeff noticed the amount of sugar in one of the remaining juices, and it was shockingly higher than we expected in that moment.

Some may say I lack the will power, but I am immediately effected when my body isn't getting the amount of fuel it needs. I honestly pushed through as best as I could.

Alright, moving on to the second reason that led me to quitting the cleanse. At the moment, my mind was so fuzzy that seeing 48 grams of sugar in the Citrus juice seemed ridiculous, and gave me a reason to quit. Now looking back, these were natural sugars from fruits, and it was difficult finding reliable research supporting how much natural sugar intake is healthy.

My Take Away

I calculated the amount of total calories in this juice cleanse, which equalled 1500. That's not too bad, but as I mentioned in the video, I am active and my body metabolizes extremely quick. I'm sure many of you are curious to see if I would do it again, and at this moment, I'm honestly not sure.

I did experience the detox (I was visiting the restroom every 10-15 minutes it felt like), but I am very mindful of what I put in my body any other day, so I don't see a burning need to do a cleanse. If I did something wrong during this process, I would really appreciate your feedback. If it's something drastic, I will reconsider trying it again. Other than that, I honestly don't see myself doing another cleanse anytime soon.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience and maybe learned a thing or two, but again, if you've done a cleanse before and have some wisdom, please share them in the comments!

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